Ingredients list

Green Boy specializes in non-GMO and organic ingredients. We focus on Starches, Syrups, Sweeteners,
Vegetable Proteins, Fibers and other natural & functional ingredients.

We understand that there will be a transition period for most distributors and manufacturers from GMO to non-GMO and organic ingredients. For this reason, we also offer these ingredients in conventional and can be the support system to ease this transition.

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organic, non-gmo or conventional, modified
Corn Starch
Potato Starch
Tapioca Starch
Wheat Starch
Pea Starch
Rice Starch
organic, non-gmo or conventional, all DE levels
Corn Syrup
Tapioca Syrup
Wheat Syrup
Agave Syrup
Date Syrup
Brown Rice Syrup
Clarified Rice Syrup
organic, non-gmo or conventional

Corn Maltodextrin
Tapioca Maltodextrin
Rice Maltodextrin
Corn Dextrose
Tapioca Dextrose
Vegetable Proteins
organic, non-gmo or conventional, all protein levels
Pea Protein
Rice Protein
Potato Protein
Fava Bean Protein
Mung Bean Protein
Chickpea Protein
Lentil Protein
Adzuki Protein
Pumpkin Seed Protein
Sunflower Protein
Wheat Protein (Vital Wheat Gluten)
Vegetable Peptides
organic or non-gmo, 80-90% protein content
Pea Peptide
Rice Peptide
Fava Bean Peptide
Mung Bean Peptide
Fibers & More
organic, non-gmo or conventional

Tapioca Fiber
Pea Fiber
Potato Fiber
Sunflower Lecithin

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