Highly qualified and reliable ingredients

At Green Boy Group, we specialize in the import of non-genetically modified (Non-GMO) and organic food & feed ingredients. We service only the most highly qualified and reliable ingredients from our producers worldwide and we work hard to share these connections with U.S. and Canadian based distributors, blenders and manufacturers.

Consumer’s awareness

Why does Green Boy want to share? We know that consumer’s awareness is growing. People don’t only consume, they care about what they eat, what ingredients are used and whether the ingredients are grown in a sustainable way. In response, key players in the food industry have pushed for more transparent labeling influencing food companies to increasingly show the GMO or Non-GMO composition of food ingredients on their labels.
At Green Boy Group, we embrace consumer awareness and transparency. It is our goal to contribute to the effort of making these ‘green’ ingredients available in North America. We see ourselves as expert service managers that execute the supply chain between our producers from abroad to your warehouse or facility in the United States and/or Canada. That means that we handle the purchasing of these ingredients worldwide, exporting, shipping, importing, customs, duties and then trucking it to your warehouse or facility. We sell on a ‘delivered to your local warehouse’ basis under the most competitive prices and favorable payments terms. In other words, we are the Green Boy Group.

Optimal service

We provide optimal service in all time zones. Sourcing is handled out of our office in Europe (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and imports and sales via our branch in the United States (Los Angeles, California). To learn more about the leadership at Green Boy Group please click here. We at Green Boy will proof our worth and are looking forward working with you!