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Fueling The Plant-Based Food Reformation

The goal of the Plant-Based Food Reformation is to preserve our one habitable planet for future generations to come. By transitioning to non-GMO, organic and sustainably farmed, plant-based ingredients we are fueling a shift away from highly polluting, animal-derived food ingredients towards a food system that benefits the planet as much as all species inhabiting it.

Investing in the Planet

More insight for more progress

Our sustainability strategy is set to create a positive impact throughout the entire food industry, which is why we are taking a holistic approach to carbon foot-printing. We mapped all emissions throughout our operations and supply chain using the GHG protocol for CO2e* calculations. We predominantly used supplier-specific data supplemented with data from CarbonCloud and EcoTransIT. We are continuously working on improving the quality and breadth of supplier-specific data to increase the accuracy of our numbers and our understanding of our company’s carbon footprint. You can download our full 2023 Impact Report here.


Scope 1: Our Direct Emissions which include our Company Cars 1


Scope 2: Our Indirect Energy Emissions which includes electricity & heating of our offices 2


Scope 3 A, B, C: Our indirect Emissions like business travel (scope 3a), transport and storage of our products (scope 3b) and the entire production of our ingredients (Scope 3c) 3

Plant Based Food Association

Green Boy is proud to be a member of the PBFA

The Plant Based Foods Association is spearheading the Plant-Based Food Reformation by advocating for a world where values and business interests harmonize to create a plant-based food system that respects the dignity of all living beings and the planet. After joining the PBFA as a member in 2020, we wanted to widen our reach and expand our positive impact even further which is why our CEO and Co-Founder Peter van Dijken is now a Board Member of the PBFA.

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