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Fueling The Plant-Based Food Reformation

The goal of the Plant-Based Food Reformation is to preserve our one habitable planet for future generations to come. By transitioning to non-GMO, organic and sustainably farmed, plant-based ingredients we are fueling a shift away from highly polluting, animal-derived food ingredients towards a food system that benefits the planet as much as all species inhabiting it.

Investing in the Planet

More insight for more progress

The current consumption of GMO food, fish, meat, and milk products is resulting in loss of preserved nature and biodiversity while increasing pollution, accelerating global warming at an alarming speed. We are positive we can make a difference by not only focusing on supplying plant-based ingredients but, by making them even better for planet and people alike. Currently, we are conducting Life Cycle Assessments for all our ingredients to identify areas of improvement and based on this we implement even more environmentally friendly production processes. Together with the sustainability agency Narrate, we were already able to determine the environmental impact of 90% of our products, measured in CO2 Equivalent. Keep on scrolling to see the impact division of our Pea Protein Isolate.


Agriculture: The agricultural stage takes up a mere 8% of the total CO2e emissions created during production of Pea Protein Isolate 1


Processing: Splitting a whole Pea into its components of Starch, Fiber, and Protein is currently the most CO2e intense production stage 2


Transportation: Despite the global sourcing of ingredients, we found that transportation only makes up 9% of total CO2e emissions in the production of Pea Protein Isolates 3

Plant Based Food Association

Green Boy is proud to be a member of the PBFA

The Plant Based Foods Association is spearheading the Plant-Based Food Reformation by advocating for a world where values and business interests harmonize to create a plant-based food system that respects the dignity of all living beings and the planet. After joining the PBFA as a member in 2020, we wanted to widen our reach and expand our positive impact even further which is why our CEO and Co-Founder Peter van Dijken is now a Board Member of the PBFA.

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