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Our 2023 Impact Report

Explore our annual emmisions report.

We are excited to share our 2023 Impact Report outlining our strategy towards a more climate-friendly food supply chain, our companies direct and indirect CO2e emissions, as well as our goals for a greener planet. We realize being a positive environmental change-maker is a continuous journey and are proud to share our first steps on our path to a healthier planet.

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Going Beyond Carbon Neutrality

Following the GHG Protocol our sustainability analyst mapped the CO2e emissions of all our direct and indirect emissions. This includes our company car (Scope 1), our electricity usage (scope 2), our business travel (scope 3a), transport and storage of our products (scope 3b) and the entire production of our ingredients (Scope 3c). We are carbon neutral thanks to our collaboration with projects like Running Tides that help us offset all our direct and indirect internal emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3a). In 2023 we were able to offset a total of 100mt CO2e. However, our biggest impact lies in Scope 3b and 3c which is why our next goal is to go one step further than offsetting and reduce emissions in all categories.

An infographic comparing three emissions scopes from the GBG impact report. Scope 1 is o.oo1% of emissions, scope 2 is 0.05%, and scope 3 is 99.94%

The data behind the plant-based food reformation

We strongly believe that plant-based ingredients are part of the solution to cut CO2e emissions throughout our food industry. Let’s just say, the numbers speak for themselves. Lower emissions in the plant based industry allow us to meet our goals around three key categories:

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