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Green Boy Group

Fueling the Plant-Based Food Reformation with Plant-based, NON-GMO and Organic Food Ingredients

Green Boy is elevating the plant-based food market.

Green Boy is at the forefront of the plant-based Food Transition or, as we would like to call it, the plant-based Food Reformation. We supply the highest quality of plant-based NON-GMO and Organic food ingredients to actively bring innovation, health and sustainability into the food space on a global scale and lessen the dependence on meat, fish and dairy consumption. We are experts in executing long-term, large-volume contracts and ensure a flawless supply chain management of your ingredients in a cost-effective way. Our customers, ranging from multinationals to emerging start-ups, choose us to be the preferred supplier for plant-based ingredients for a good reason.



About Us

Quality ingredients produce a quality product.

Green Boy Group is all about supplying the best quality and qualified ingredients. Our plant-based food ingredients are:

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Plant-Protein™ is the functional motor in your plant-based food product.

We’ve developed four lines of Plant-Protein™ to help the food industry’s biggest innovators to produce the ultimate plant-based meat, dairy, bake or drink product with superior texture, taste and mouthfeel:

Plant-Meat Protein™
Plant-Dairy Protein™
Plant-Bake Protein™
Plant-Drink Protein™